How To Beat Lobbers In Doubles

Do you avoid coming to the net in doubles because your opponents lob over and over again?

This is definitely a top 3 issue I hear from students. They don't know what to do when facing lobbers so they prefer not to come to the net at all.

Here are 3 tips on how to deal with lobbers:

1) Anticipate: even if playing someone for the first time you should be able to pick patterns after a few games. This is especially true with lobbers. After you get lobbed a few times in a match, start anticipating and expecting it. The opponents' body language and racquet preparation should also tell you whether or not they are going to lob.

2) Position yourself correctly: once you anticipate, you can position yourself accordingly. You don't want to get too close to the net and get even more vulnerable for the lob. Stay on the service line, maybe even one step behind. This will leave less room for your opponents to get the ball over your head.

3) Improve your overhead: work on your overhead. It is surely one of the shots in which you probably don't spend enough time working. Master the technique, take lessons and become confident on hitting overheads. In the same way you can get intimidated by the lobber, the lobber will get intimidated by you once you put a few, solid overheads away.

Facing lobbers should not keep you from being aggressive and trying to win points at the net in doubles.