Eduardo Afini is a USPTA Elite Professional tennis coach who has been teaching social and competitive tennis to adults and children for over 20 years. Eduardo has coached professional players and trained several juniors who have gone on to play on the ATP tour. His unique combination of personal experience and professional training gives him the ability to hone in on what a player of any level needs to fix a stroke or bring their game to the next level.

“I love that by teaching tennis, I can contribute to someone else’s happiness and well being. This is the only career I would want and that would bring me such sense of accomplishment”

Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese.

Eduardo is a very patient and gifted USPTA tennis professional.  He is adept with all levels and ages.  Individual and group lessons.  I would highly recommend Eduardo to anyone looking to improve their tennis game.
— Geoff Griffin, Director of Tennis, Balboa Tennis Club
I’m playing the best tennis in my life. I attribute my improvement to almost weekly lessons over the past 5 months with my instructor, Eduardo Afini.  As a 3.5 player, every part of my game has improved and, most importantly, my serve.  Eduardo’s keen eye on the small details of each stroke, his patience and his warm and encouraging manner improved my game and gave me a big dose of confidence.  He has a large and varied repertoire of drills that made the lessons interesting and challenging. A top-notch instructor all around.
— Karen Longstreth, Balboa Tennis Club
Eduardo transformed my forehand from a liability to my go to stroke. After many years of medical issues I developed a lot of bad habits. With Eduardo’s patience and knowledge I was a able to rebuild my mechanics and to build confidence in my forehand. I strongly recommend Eduardo for anyone looking for a professional tennis instructor who truly understands the game.
— Michael Urman
A few years ago, all of us at Balboa Tennis Club, were fortunate to get a new Professional. I was introduced to him as “Eduardo, that is Brazilian for run!” Every lesson and clinic with Coach Eduardo since has been challenging, informative and technical. My children enjoy his teaching as well because he keeps it fun and entertaining. BTC is a better place because Eduardo is there and I would highly recommend him to all levels and ages of players.
— Mark Truscott
I’ve been playing tennis for 20 years. During that time, I’ve had a number of coaches. Most were good. A few were excellent. But over two decades of playing tennis, the very best coach I’ve ever had is Eduardo Afini. The truth is, I knew Eduardo was going to be a great coach before I even stepped on the court. On my first day at Eduardo’s advanced clinic, I was waiting outside the court with a few other players who were regulars at this class. (Eduardo’s clinics are the most fun, most beneficial workouts I’ve experienced by the way.) One of the regular players introduced himself and told me I was in for a treat. “Eduardo’s drills are always different and interesting,” he said. Well, two years later and now I’m a regular at Eduardo’s clinics. In fact, these clinics are one of my favorite aspects of tennis. I’ve also taken private lessons from Eduardo and referred several fellow tennis players to him. His approach to the sport is smart, insightful and effective. Best of all, he keeps things simple and fun. I now play smarter and win more matches. Last but not least, Eduardo’s positive attitude is infectious. He’s the reason my passion for tennis is greater now than ever. Thanks Eduardo!
— Jeff Jenks
Do you want to improve your game and have great fun while doing so? Eduardo’s clinics are where you should be. His instruction is clear and concise and you still get to play games while practicing / drilling to implement what is being focused on for that particular lesson. I enjoy the group sessions because of the different styles of play you are exposed to and you still get individual instruction from Eduardo while playing. It is nice to continue to learn tactics and improve my game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and if you desire the same, book a lesson with Eduardo!
— Aaron McFarland
...I got a coach, a lovely Brazilian gentleman, Eduardo. He is helping me adapt to the new tennis and my game is getting better. I am reaching heights that I didn’t know I could, especially at my age! I thought I was done years ago. It is amazing what the embracing of change can do to our levels of self-esteem and the overall quality of life.
— Orit Ostrowiak