The Importance Of The Net Game

Although hitting powerful groundstrokes from the baseline has become the pattern of modern tennis, the net game still has its importance in the game at every level.

I learned, from coach Jorge Capestany, an interesting statistical data from the 2015 US Open, which demonstrates how the net game is still alive and can be helpful in winning points. The stat says that, from the round of 16 on forward in that year, 56% of the time players came to the net, they didn't even had to touch the ball to win the point. Their opponents missed the passing shots or lob attempts, proving there is an intimidating factor  triggered from facing a net rusher.

Instead of being afraid of coming to the net and getting passed or lobed, transfer that concern to your opponents and make them beat you! 

Check out this nice video with 3 basic tips for executing a good volley. Good luck!