Are You Sure?

Are you getting ready to play in all the upcoming tournaments this Spring and Summer, and wondering how to behave when people make bad calls on you? Well, you are not alone!

The title of this blog became one of the most famous (and annoying) lines in tennis theses days.

Bad line calling is a reality at every level in amateur tournaments. They can be involuntary and may happen out of honest mistakes, but sugarcoating aside, it is something that does happen and there are players known for that. I have students who make bad line calls in clinics!

I have 3 advises for you:

1) Don't lose your focus over it: it is easy to get upset and spend the next points, or even games, thinking about a bad call, and that will only lead you to losing more points and games.

2) Don't go for payback: you have to be yourself, it is not in your nature to do it. If you try to get back at your opponent by making bad calls yourself, you will be focusing on an opportunity for that to arise and forget to concentrate on the match itself. 

3) Call the referee: you have the right to ask for the referee to spend some time on your court, if you suspect you are getting bad line calls. He or she (the referee) won't be able to stay there too long because usually they have to take care of many courts at the same time. Be strategic and ask for the ref in important, clutch moments of the match.

Remember that ultimately you will win a match by playing better, and there might be only a handful of cases in which the outcome a whole match was decided on bad line calling. Overcoming your opponents by outplaying them is still the better way to go and the most rewarding result for you.